Thursday, July 16, 2009

If you happen to be in LA this August...

Our good pal Jason Cuadrado has an epically amazing short that is going to appear in the HollyShorts Film Festival August 8-13. The film is called Monstrous Nature and here is a synopsis:
Angela (Camillia Sanes) has been kidnapped from her church and dragged into the middle of the woods. She wakes up handcuffed to Paul (Gary Perez) who wants her help to free him from his violent, murderous nature. But it's not prayer he needs from Angela... As the night goes on and the full moon rises, it becomes dangerous clear that Angela will have to choose between her faith and her life. Can she survive long enough to deliver him from the beast inside him?

Here is my official blah blah blahing on this film:
Monstrous Nature is the perfect example of how powerful a short film can be. Clocking in at 15 minutes, MN depicts the internal struggles of an obviously disturbed man. This is a classic premise that proves to be powerful in its simplicity. Writer/director Jason Cuadrado effortlessly creates an atmosphere that is filled with foreboding and thick with dread.

The lean 2 person cast delivers expertly written dialogue that is ripe with emotion. Creating multidimensional characters that viewers actually care for is not an easy feat. It’s an even more difficult task to accomplish in a mere 15 minutes.

MN is, at its heart, a character driven story. What separates it from the pack is the perfectly executed supernatural element. The practical effects are on par with a much larger budget film. MN knows its strengths and uses them wisely. Cuadrado has effectively created a tight 15 minutes of film that will leave the viewer wanting more.

This short seriously blew my mind! Jason Cuadrado is a director to watch. He is insanely talented and one of our biggest cheerleaders. If you are in the LA area I highly recommend checking this out! I will be sure to post any new festival dates as I find out about them. You can find out more about Monstrous Nature here and check out screening info here .

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Matt-suzaka said...

That's a hot little trailer right there! Love the DJ Shadow song used.

I love short well made films, and I look forward to checking this one out.

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