Saturday, July 11, 2009

Raging Phoenix

Oh the joy and the happiness found in me bones when I ran into the teaser for Raging Phoenix (Du Suay Doo), the newest film staring Thai Martial Arts super sensation, JeeJa Yanin. JeeJa made a huge splash onto the Martial Arts scene with her 2008 debut film, Chocolate. If you read my review of Chocolate, then you will already know that I loved that film, and even more, loved JeeJa Yanin as a young autistic girl on a path of sassy destruction. So, it should be easy to figure that I am wicked excited for a new film from her, and after seeing this newly released teaser for Director Rashane Limtrakul’s Raging Phoenix, I am even more pumped.

Not really sure as to what the story may actually be about, Raging Phoenix has a blend of hip hop music, hip hop dancing, and a romance between JeeJa’s character and her co-star Patrick Tang. Sounds so terrible, yet so fucking great! I will bank that this film will be much better than that one movie with Jet Li and Ashanti…but then again, walking in on your Nana while she’s taking a dump is better than that piece of crap film. Wiping (get it) away that visual and moving on, those are elements that haven’t gone all to well in previous films, and it sounds just plain terrible on paper, but on film, it looks like it could be pretty fun and semi different from your average Martial Arts film…namely one from Thailand. All right, enough of my yappin’ already, here is the teaser…

See that dude spinning around on his hands?! I thought it was Eddy from Tekken for a second there! You can see the hip-hop influence in some of the brief fighting moments, and they look great. Not sure, how far the hip-hop will go outside of maybe influencing the fighting style, I am kinda hoping it is like Breakin’ 2 Electric Boogaloo meets Chocolate, but that may be a wet dream never realized outside of my own slumber. No real romance to be found, but it is just a teaser for a movie that has the Chocolate hype behind it, so keeping with the fighting elements is probably just a marketing thing. Either way, JeeJa is dope, so isn’t this teaser, and I cannot wait for Raging Phoenix to make its way into my DVD player. It is set to be released in Thailand on August 12th of this year, so hopefully with the popularity of Chocolate; Raging Phoenix is on the fast track to a stateside release.


Hans A. said...

Anything with Yanin is going to fly high on my radar. Thnx for posting this. Word verification: piensis

Matt-suzaka said...

You're welcome Hans! I'm going to be excited for anything with her in it too, she has a great presence for such a small lady, and her skills are top notch.

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