Saturday, August 8, 2009

"Blahblahblah Whale Watching Massacre"

It's actually Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre. I've just been pronouncing it wrong, so I typed it the way I say it out loud. I came across the trailer the other day on Twitch. I was super intrigued and wanted to share.

It's an Icelandic film, so I mean, that's cool. There is also a lot of blood spitting in the trailer. I'm a fan of mouth blood. Actually, there seems to be quite a bit of blood and gore in general. I'm OK with that, I just hope it isn't super over the top and bordering on goofy. Twitch and imdb have a September release date in Iceland. I look forward to it hitting the states.

Matt was obviously taken with the trailer and badass poster as well.

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Matt-suzaka said...

The movie looks pretty interesting to say the least, but it is really difficult figuring out how the film will play out.

On my post, I said it looked like it has a bit of a Hostel feel. I like Hostel, so that's not really a bad thing.

It even reminds me of Severance a little too, actually, maybe Severance more than Hostel. Scratch that Hostel comment from before! Either way, that is all based off of a trailer, which is never the way you can really judge a, who knows.

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